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"An unforgettable, life changing experience. The children will pull at your heart-strings."


Our Story

True North Missions provides medical care for the underserved Mayan Indians of Guatemala, with a focus on children and their preventative healthcare. The project was initiated in 1997 with yearly trips of one week duration. This has grown and True North now takes up to 6 trips per year and treats over 4000 patients.

The program delivers free medical care to the coastal areas of Guatemala and up some of the larger rivers. We seek out the most isolated villages in these areas for our clinics.

The program is staffed by volunteer physicians, medical students, nurses, and medical support staff. Collaborations by these groups have provided extensive care to isolated villages where care is nonexistent.

True North Missions is funded by private donations from individuals and businesses. Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution.

Dr. Mark Reader
Dr. Tammy Allen


True North’s mission is to provide much needed medical care for the Mayan Indians of Guatemala. These indigenous people were displaced by Guatemala’s 36 years civil war which ended in 1999. The Mayans have migrated to isolated areas in the mountains and rivers to avoid persecution and discrimination. The United Nations refers to them as “The Forgotten People.” They estimate their number at over 200,000. Even now, years after being driven out of their home, their poverty and isolation impose many social and economic problems, not the least of which is healthcare.

While many healthcare teams work in established clinics, True North's unique ability and willingness to travel to the more remote area of Guatemala enable us to greatly impact and improve the health of the Mayan children and their families.

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