True North Missions

True North Missions is an international healthcare program providing free medical and dental care to Central America.

Our focus is on children and their preventative healthcare -- seeking total well-being.

Truth North Missions provides comprehensive healthcare to the children of Mayan Indian Tribes in Guatemala.  These indigenous people were displaced by Guatemala's 36 year civil war which ended in 1999.  The Mayans have migrated to isolated areas in bordering countries to avoid persecution and discrimination.

The United Nations refers to them as "The Forgotten People".  They estimate their number at over 200,000.  Even now, years after being driven out of their home, their poverty and isolation impose many social and economic problems, not the least of which is healthcare.

The program is staffed by volunteer physicians, dentists, medical and dental students and nurses. We welcome your participation in the True North Missions program -- thank you for your continued support.

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Since it's inception in 2000, True North has treated over 14,000 patients!

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